Vicenta B  

Cuba - Colombia - France - Norway - USA | drama | Spanish | 77 min | 2022 | Completed
A film by CARLOS LECHUGA (Santa & Andrés | Melaza )

Vicenta, a Cuban woman with the ability to see into the future, lives harmoniously with her only son until he decides to leave the country. Immersed in a profound crisis, Vicenta departs for a voyage to the heartland of a country where everyone seems to have lost their faith.

Egeda Platino Industry Award
Best Work In Progress (WIP) Latin American film


Afro-Cuban religion | santeria | spirituality | clairvoyance | family & kinship | emigration | suicide | female protagonist | Cuba | Caribbean

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market screening:

Palais J - May 22 - 13:45


industry programs screening (online):

May 22 - 13:45 access for buyers & festivals only 


Corrosive | Corrosivo   

Cuba - USA - Canada | Psychothriller | Spanish | 90 min | 2022 | Completed

To isolate themselves during the pandemic and save some money, two young couples rent a house on the outskirts of the city. Confinement, however, begins to affect the initial harmony and complicity, transforming coexistence into a fierce battle for survival.

Psychothriller | confinement | pandemic | husband-wife relationship | betrayal | paranoia | violence | lust | Cuba | Caribbean

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digital screening:

ONLINE #5 - May 20 - 15:00



Bittersweet Rain | Saudade fez morada aqui dentro  

Brazil | drama - coming-of-age | Portuguese | 107 min | 2022 | Post-production
Second film by HAROLDO BORGES 

As if adolescence is not hard enough, a young, fatherless teenager living in a small town in the Brazilian heartland, confronts a degenerative eye disease that will ultimately leave him blind.

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El último balsero

Perfume de Gardenias

Puerto Rico – Colombia | dramedy LGBTQIA | 97 min | 2021
Written & Directed by MACHA COLON

After an elderly Puerto Rican widow crafts a beautiful custom-made funeral for her husband, she gets enlisted to put her unusual talents to design customized, idiosyncratic funerals for her ailing neighbors.


"Colón’s gaze is as authentic as it is original as she dares to poke fun at the sacred and profound in a deeply Catholic culture; humor that, in the end, helps to broaden our understanding of death, mourning, and the meaning of life itself." CINEMA TROPICAL

World Premiere. TRIBECA 
AFI Latin American FF | Boston Latino FF | Philadelphia FF 
Winner. Best Narrative Feature. Trinidad & Tobago FF 
Jury's Special Mention. Narrative Feature. New Orleans FF
Winner Best Feature. Puerto Rico FF
Winner Beast Feature. FEMI - Guadeloupe International FF
Official Competition. Monte-Carlo FF

PLOT KEYWORDS: LGBTQIA | films directed by women | aging | death | funeral traditions | class & identity | gender roles | women stories | euthanasia.

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Carmen Vidal mujer detective

Cuidando al sol Sun & daughter

Bolivia – Spain – Germany | Coming of age | 84 min | 2021.

In the Bolivian Titicaca Lake, ten-year-old Lucía faces a range of new, conflicting emotions when her father leaves for the capital La Paz. In that mythical place, while she waits for her dad to return, she builds her daily life around the expectations of her life after their reunion.

Best Script Award. FEMI - Guadeloupe FF
Official Selection:
Reflets du Cinéma Ibérique e Latino-américain - Kerala FF - BUFF Malmo - San Francisco International FF

 PLOT KEYWORDS: coming of age | directorial debut | Bolivia | Andean communities | family & kinship | identity | rural communities | indigenous languages | Aymara | alpaca


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Gran Avenida

98 seconds without shadow | 98 segundos sin sombra

Bolivia | Coming-of-age | 95 min | Spanish | 2021. 

Bolivia, the 80’s. Drug dealing burst into a small town. 16 year-old Genoveva tries to survive the nuns at school, her hostile classmates, her hopeless parents and men with guns. Everything changes when she meets her mother’s spiritual leader.

Tallin Black Nights. Young Cinema Competition

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La noche más larga

On suspicion Zokunentu Bajo sospecha Zokunentu

Chile | indigenous documentary | 67 min | Mapudungun & Spanish | 2022. Debut film by DANIEL DÍAZ OYARZÚN

After an environmental disaster in Minas Gerais, a Brazilian geographer returns home committed to unveiling how mining has both shaped and harmed her native region and its inhabitants.


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Longe do Paraíso


Cuba | documentary | 77 min | Spanish | 2021. A film by DANIELA MUÑOZ BARROSO

Filmmaker Daniela Muñoz Barroso, who is almost completely deaf, wants to discover the identity of the remarkable musician Mafifa. Her quest leads her on the trail of an enigmatic woman, and also makes her question her own head and heart.

IDFA - Göteborg - It's all true FF

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Cabeça de nego


Brazil | documentary | Portuguese | 99 min | 2021. A film by LUCAS BAMBOZZI.

After reacting to a racial insult from a classmate, an introvert geek is expelled from school but decides to occupy it until justice is made.


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I'll wait until they call my name | Esperaré aquí hasta oír mi nombre

Peru | doc | color | Spanish | 78 min | 2021. A film by HÉCTOR GÁLVEZ (NN)

A play that talks about the missing in the years of political violence in Peru is taken to be presented to Andean communities. In each village, what was fiction will be confronted with reality.

Official Selection. DOKFest Muenchen

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Bongó Itá 

Cuba | documentary | color | 70 min | Spanish | 2022. Completed. A film by MAYCKELL PEDRERO MARIOL (Revolution)

A rare close-up of the Abakuá —an Afro-Cuban religious brotherhood that has been hidden from outsiders until recently. A symbol of resistance for over 200 years, the Abakuá society has managed to survive slavery, the Spanish domination, and the Revolution, despite the bias and misunderstandings about their traditions and rituals.

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