Queen of thursdays Maimi Award

Orlando Rojas’s most recent film La Reina de los jueves / Queen of Thursdays world premiered at Miami International FF where it topped the Knight Documentary Achievement Award, in which audience members vote on their favorite to win a $10,000 prize funded by Knight Foundation.

“The images need no commentary. On stage, Rosario Suárez, the former prima ballerina of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, can be simply breathtaking. She is an expressive performer with a dazzling technique. Her whole approach shows a refined blend of grace and power, elegance and a deep sensuality.

But in the life of an artist, talent, even great talent, dedication and discipline are no guarantees of success or a happy ending. Forces large and small—from historic political circumstances to simple human envy—can shape a career and be critical in reaching a truly transcendent status.

For years a star-in-the-making, rarely showcased in the weekend performances, Suárez became the headliner of the company’s Thursday programs. Thus, she became la reina de los jueves, the Queen of Thursdays. Her story has now made its way to film in a documentary that will premiere at the Miami International Film Festival, fittingly, on Thursday evening. “Queen of Thursdays” is also competing for the Knight Documentary Achievement Award, where audience members vote on their favorite to win a $10,000 prize funded by Knight Foundation.”
source: The Knight Foundation

Another Habanero title, El Acompañante/The Companion, won Miami FF’s Audience Award this year.